of Needlework
UI/ UX design
UI/ UX designer


This is a school project that we create a new ipad app based on a book. We are assigned to design the app for encyclopedia of needlework.
The book contains the complete guide to needlepoint, embroidery, and counted thread. It covers all aspects of needlework, such as the history, materials, stitch gallery, and projects. The book provides a lot of illustrations and pictures to help the readers understand step-by-step directions how to perform stitching. The book also provides charts and suppliers for readers to give a better understanding about the materials.
Created with Min sohn, Yuka Yang.
Typography and Color

Aubrey 15 years old, student

Aubrey was raised by her grandmother, Olivia, in Yorkshire, UK. Aubrey’s father settled down in the states, so he wanted his daughter to live with him. However, he is still busy with his new business so that he couldn’t take care of Aubrey, so she was sent to boarding school in New Jersey.


beading, hand crafts, friendship bracelet..etc

Activity diagram


Goal and Statergy

to discover and explore three different needlework on a simple and user friendly interface. the app contains simple projects and easy hands-on customize function for wide range of users.